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To spend a joyful and relaxed holiday you need a nice location, good weather, delicious food, a wonderful beach and beautiful water. The coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and other holiday regions in Europe offer all this!


The Stingersuit can be easily transported, because it does not need a lot of space and it's weight is only about 250g.

Unfortunately, during the last years, most of these wonderful beaches and coasts were visited by species of jellyfish commonly known as mauve stinger which cause a painful sting. The contact with a jellyfish of this kind creates burning pain and composes blisters on human skin. Beside the pain allergic reactions, turgors and scars are possible.
The original Stinger Suit™ from Australia is the perfect help to save your holiday from any kind of limitation regarding fun in the water. Check the website and dive into the world of Stinger Suit™.



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